Corporate Info


SAS corporation is a general electronics trading company that sells devices and provides solutions for semiconductors and electronic components.

Recent global megatrends include “digital transformation” and “decarbonized society. In this context, semiconductors are becoming a national strategic commodity, and their importance is only increasing. And geopolitical risks in semiconductor supply are increasing.

In addition, the practical application of “AI” has brought about major innovations, and the business environment has begun to undergo major changes.

In such an environment, we will continue to fulfill our corporate philosophy of “Responding promptly to customer needs through electronics and moving forward together with you toward a prosperous future,” anticipate global trends, and meet your expectations.

We will continue to take on the challenge of working with our customers to realize an affluent society that is also environmentally conscious.

Going forward, we are committed to meeting the expectations of our various stakeholders.

In that pursuit we ask for your continued support and encouragement.

SAS Corporation
President and CEO
SHIMADA Hidenobu